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A cost-effective solution

With manufacturing advances reducing metal production costs and improving its strength, the cost of metal roofs have never been more affordable!


The rubber coating provides additional protection, ensuring your roof will last!

TPO is a heat welded high efficiency seam that help reduce future leaks. In addition, added insulation and less seams in single ply membranes makes it more efficient and help reduce future leaks. Upgrade your existing aged metal buildings today.



Metal Roof Replacement Solutions

We add additional insulation to out dated metal buildings and install single ply membranes to fix your leaks. Installation is remarkably fast and the rubber requires little maintenance.

Traditional metal roofs are too loud—the rubber membrane muffles noise.

Don't turn your building

into a drum!

Benefits of Covering Existing Metal Roofs:

 •  Energy efficient

 •  Fire resistant

 •  Added strength and structural integrity

 •  Multiple styles and colors

 •  Rubber coating to prevent sound transfer

 •  Rubber coating to protect against water

 •  Fewer Seams

metal material of metal roof