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The bigger a roof is, the more heat is captured by the sun and transferred to your building. Count on thermal plastic roofing to fix

these problems.


Fast and easy to install, thermal plastic roofing will help you control your energy costs while still providing all your roofing needs.

Climate control

Thermal plastic roofing options

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Stop the ongoing leaks and condensation issues you are currently having.


With its low maintenance requirements, it is truly the last roof you'll ever have installed on your facility.

Cover Metal Buildings

with Single Ply Roofing

Metal roofing services

Our crew does their best to give you quality work that will last. We start your project by first removing your old roof quickly and safely, then complete the job by replacing it with a new roof.


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Have questions about which roofing type will best accomplish your needs?

Give us a call for the pros and cons of TPO, BUR, PVC Roofs, EPDM Roofs, and more. We'll help you pick!

Commercial & Industrial


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Even the biggest warehouse and industrial park roofs can be installed efficiently when you put Northeastern Roofing Company on the job!

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